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Don't Wait 5 Days for Your Cheque to Clear the Bank

At Cash Shop you can get “instant” cash for your cheque. We pride ourselves on paying out in full (less our very competitive fee) on 99% of the cheques we see. Use our Cheque Cashing Calculator below to find out how much you’ll get in cash for your cheque, and how much you’ll save by using Cash Shop, instead of the competition!

If you are a sole trader or sole director of a limited company find out more about cashing cheques payable to your business.

Find Out Exactly How Much You'll Get In Cash

Cash Shop cashes thousands of cheques each month. Why so many? Because people choose our fast and friendly service, and take advantage of our competitive cheque cashing rates. Just type in the face value of your cheque in the box to the right to find out how much cash you'll get.
Please note minimum Cheque Cashing Fee is £1.51 for cheques of £20 or less; or £2.51 for cheques of £50 or less. A 8.9% Cheque Cashing Fee applies to cheques over £50. In addition, all cheques carry a £2.99 Item Fee regardless of their value.

Cheque Cashing Calculator

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Why people use our cheque cashing service

  • Low cost
  • Instant cash
  • Convenient: open before and close later than the banks
  • Banks can take up to 5 days to clear your cheques
  • Overdraft won’t take your money
  • Private transaction

What do you need to cash a cheque with us

Anti-money laundering regulations require that we are able to prove your identity. To ensure a speedy transaction it would help if you brought the following:

  • Photo ID (current passport or drivers licence)
  • Utility Bill (dated within the past 3 months)
  • Any documentation that came with the cheque (if applicable)

Do not be offended if we ask you a series of questions related to your cheque; all of the information is used to help us cash your cheque for you.

If you are not able to produce sufficient ID, we will still do our best to say “yes!” and cash your cheque, however the process may take slightly longer, and you may be asked additional personal questions.

Our cheque cashing service instantly turns your cheque into cash, with an unbeatably low rate of 8.9%, and £2.99 item fee. Your £100 cheque becomes £88.11! Minimum fee £4.99.

While we endeavour to cash every cheque, there is no guarantee your cheque will be cashed until we are presented with the cheque, confirm your identification, conduct our checks and have the necessary information to proceed with the transaction. We also endeavour to pay out all cheques in full (after fees) on the spot, however part payments on the day may occur depending on cash holdings and/or the need to place cheques on bank clearance prior to payout. Full payout will be made as soon as possible thereafter. We reserve the right to refuse any cheque.

Cash Shop - Fast, Friendly and Fair!

At Cash Shop, providing you with excellent customer service is our top priority, whether it is in-store, over the telephone, or online. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our pricing and our processes. Our loyal customers have come to trust we have their best interests at heart, and we strive to offer a fast, friendly and fair service each and every time.

To serve you better, in addition to English we have staff who speak: Romanian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, and Telugu.

Our ‘Vision Statement’ is, “To have the best looking stores, in the best locations, offering the best service at the best prices”, because we want nothing but the best for our customers. To find out more, explore our website or send us a message.

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